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The Galvanic Timed Release (GTR) is an expendable delayed-release device used to keep a trap-marker float beneath the surface of the sea for a predetermined period of time.

A GTR consists of a galvanic couple arranged in a linked configuration. The anode and the cathode sections are composed of metals widely separated on the electromotive scale. When immersed in sea water the anode section (the centre) is corroded through and the linkage breaks releasing the float to the surface. We supply a full range of GTR’s allowing your float marker to stay under the surface for a period of hours through to weeks.

How to select the correct GTR size
The release time of the different sized GTR’s available is dependent on the salinity and temperature of the water.  The higher the water temperature, the faster the GTR will erode. Please consult our comprehensive price list for full details on the release duration of our range of GTR’s depending on the water temperature in your area.

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